Apex Restructuring and Financial Advisory Inc.


Many companies face challenges that present threats to financial performance and viability, regardless of past results or the strength of the market in which they operate. Often these threats result from financial and commercial market pressure, stakeholder expectations and cash and capital constraints.
Apex provides advice to mainly small and medium sized firms on restructuring of business.
Restructuring of a business can be proactive recognizing changes business environment or reactive being forced on by one or more stakeholder.
Typically restructuring may become necessary if a company faces some of the following challenges.

-Changing Industry Condition
-Secular Changes
-Declining operating performance and cash flow  
-Shrinking trade credit and extended payables.
-Significant liquidity constraints
-Decline in Enterprise Value.
-Debt Covenants breached
-Access to Credit becoming increasingly difficult
-Threat of liquidation and bankruptcy

Our team of senior business executives with many years of business and banking experience will assist your company in making the right decisions.
The three ingredients in restructuring exercise are understanding the business drivers,the motivation of the parties at interest and intense effort.
Our team has the experience to close the deal without loss of time.